About 500 Nations with map

About 500 Nations with map

About 500 Nations

After watching the documentary movie 500 Nations I thought there would be a website of the same name that would link to the websites of each Native American website. I couldn’t find it. So I made it myself. You will find the list of Native American sites by nation at the top tab labeled Community Websites

The movie covers history that I was completely unaware of. It describes the dehumanizing and brutal treatment of Amerindians by European settlers and the horrific imperialist theft and occupation of Amerindian land by Europeans.

Goals for 500 Nations

  • Build communities
  • Link to all significant sites around the Native Amerindian experience
  • List current events such as
    • Pow Wows
    • College Talks
    • Art Festivals
    • Protests
  • Curate topics through scoop.it and post them here
  • Facilitate communication


500 Nations is the keystone within my larger project at CommunityVillage.us – the hub of my four interlocking topics:

  1. Community Village –  about Freedom of movement, (im)migrant rights, refugee rights
  2. Mixed American Life – about the blending of cultures and people after the migrations
  3. 500 Nations – I say this is the keystone topic because the story of the invaded and oppressed is central to respecting and understanding both sides of (im)migration, mixing, and clashing.
  4. Oppression Monitor – about systemic racism, and ongoing xenophobia.

If you know of additional sites I should list or link to please let me know. If you have an interest in any of the topics above and would like to help, either working through Elance, or volunteering, please contact me via the form below.

Sincerely and Respectfully,




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Glenn Robinson

Founder, Curator, and Blogger at Community Village
European American