Tlahtolli: Interview with Carlos Aceves, teacher and author – Xica Nation

By Xica Nation What is your name, title/what you do, and how you identify?  Where are you from? Carlos Aceves, bilingual teacher, I am writer, presenter, and I identify as a human being first and foremost, with my ethnic identity is Mexican, which in Nahuatl means “universal citizen”. I was born in Mazatlan, Sinaloa and grew up in Juarez and El

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Full-blood Comanche marries Cowboy, Fights for Native Rights, Women’s Rights & against Segregation [DOCUMENTARY]

LaDonna Harris

  LADONNA HARRIS: INDIAN 101 chronicles the life of Comanche activist and national civil rights leader LaDonna Harris and the role that she has played in Native and mainstream American history since the 1960s.   Harris’s activism began in Oklahoma, fighting segregation and assisting grassroots Native and women’s groups. She continued her work in Washington DC where she helped to

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