Navajo Kindergartner Sent Home First Day of School For Having Long Hair – UPDATE

Navajo boy sent home for long hair.

By Toyacoyah Brown on August 28, 2014   “Malachi was excited to start school all summer long. After we had enrolled him he was excited, everyday it was the question, ‘mom are we going to school?’” said Malachi’s mother, April Wilson.   Excited about his first day of school, Malachi walked into the doors of F.J. Young Elementary only to

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Living in two worlds – Native Navajo & White Mormon

F by navajo   I am trying to live in two worlds. I was born in Utah. My white father descended from the Mormon pioneers. His grandparents were polygamists. My full-blood Navajo mother — who was taken from her family at age five to be assimilated into white culture at the Tuba City Boarding School — joined the Mormon church

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