The Unravelling of a Colonized Mind by Jana-Rae Yerxa

See on – 500 Nations “Sure everybody struggles. But to be born an Indigenous person, you are born into struggle. My struggle. Your struggle. Our struggle. The colonial struggle. There are many layers to this struggle. For the longest time, I didn’t even know what the true struggle was about yet I couldn’t escape it. It consumed me. Colonialism,

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Reel Injun

From Independent Lens: “Since the dawn of cinema, Hollywood has made over 4,000 films about Native people — over 100 years of movies that shape the way we see Indians … and the way Indians see themselves. Romanticized and demonized, what does it mean to have your identity defined by the movies. Cree Indian filmmaker, Neil Diamond, sets off on

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Shoni Schimmel and Brittney Griner – Off The Rez – RezBall

Shoni Schimmel

Native American Shoni Schimmel takes it to the hoop, leading the win for Louisville Cardinals and what some say the biggest upset in women’s basketball history. See if you don’t want to join the crowd in jumping for joy at this layup from behind the backboard. Read more at the NY Times: Far From Reservation, Sisters Lead Louisville

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Tribes | This American Life

This American Life

See on – 500 Nations A Native American tribe is doing exactly the opposite of what you’d think they’d do: they’re kicking people out of the tribe, huge numbers of them, including people whose ancestors without question were part of the tribe. TrooVizion‘s insight: Native American tribes have begun pushing out members for more and more, some would say,

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Video Letters from Prison on DVD

Video Letters from Prison follows three teenage Lakota girls from the Pine Ridge Reservation as they form a tentative relationship with their incarcerated father through the exchange of video letters. The video correspondence between the three sisters and their father illustrates the challenges of establishing trust after a history of broken promises. As the girls journey into adulthood and think

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Echoes from the Past – Alive in the Present

Welcome to “The Chickasaw Story Unfolds With Vibrant Color, Clarity” “Voices that echo across generations.  Stories, images and traditions feed an enduring pride in our culture around the world. Here, explore the Chickasaw Nation across 10 HD video channels, where a rising renaissance spans commerce, healthcare and government. The arts and music. History and destinations. Elders and our youth. Enjoy!”  

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Cultural Loss – Impact on Native American Health | Unnatural Causes

From the California Newsreel documentary Unnatural Causes “Dr. Donald Warne talks about how cultural loss impacts the health of Native American tribes in Arizona. The damming of rivers plunged local tribes into poverty, dependence and ultimately poor health. Deprived of their language, land, livelihood and traditions, many Native Americans have developed a fatalistic view about diseases like diabetes.” From Episode

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